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out our love and healing energy to ashkenaz and they are part of the answer to the event that happened last night. >> reporter: 24 hours earlier joy and peace were interrupted by guns and violence. edwin escaped with his life. >> these guys were forcing their way in and i stopped them. and i just put the gun in my side. >> reporter: some others weren't as fortunate. once inside the two young men started shooting. >> they shot two of our workers. they grabbed the door till. they grabbed the cafe fill and they -- cafe till and they ran out of the building. >> reporter: two workers were taken to highlands hospital and are recovering. it happened just after midnight. >> there were two young men came in and they were casing us up. one of our staff was very aware of this. he said we're getting set up for a robbery and then it just happened so quickly. >> reporter: berkeley police already on their way here on a call about counterfeit bills arrived within moments of the shootings and attempted to stop one person who ran into a yard. officers surrounded the block and asked residents to stay ins
pieces of energy, you'll get caught in the rain like we are at this time. we won't give you too much rainfall. we'll get some. and light rain will begin tomorrow, moving in from the north to the south and we'll have rain at times, all the way until the lunchtime by wednesday. the computer forecast model says mainly dry until about 2:00. look what happens after that. about an inch and a half for them. perhaps a quarter of an inch of rainfall, if not more. and rain will be moving from the north to the south. after that the sun will be shining back. rain in the afternoon for fremont, your high in the 60s. the lower 60s for pleasant hill and lower 60s for kentfield. extended forecast for you as the rain will be moving on out and we'll be sunny and mild right on through the weekend. sports is coming up next. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, sunday at maples pavilion.. for cal??? >>> the women are the top seed in the west as the cardinals will be opening up with tulsa on sunday. as for cal? yeah, they are pretty happy that the bears are in the number 2 seed in the west as they could meet them for the tri
are getting jet stream energy staying to our south. yes, we will have a front, yes, we have had rain from time to time. we got the pollen out of the air. that's a good thing. i have not heard sneezing. allergy levels would go down because of the rain and rain around tomorrow morning as well, until this boundary moves through, which will not be until wednesday afternoon. so in many spots, it will be a soggy start to your wednesday. high pressure builds back in. high pressure gives us sunshine. saturday, sunday, monday, minimum of 5 straight dry days. let's talk about how much rain fall. tomorrow will be a wet day. santa rosa, 2/3 of an inch of rain. and 1/3 for concord. what to expect? we will be wet at times. rain tapering off by tomorrow afternoon. sunshine is back on thursday. highs right around 60 tomorrow. san jose 61. liver more 60. palo alto, 60 degrees. union city, also 60. rain early for concord. and the upper 50s for mill valley. your extended forecast calling for sunshine to return on thursday, upper 60s, and right around 70 degrees for friday, saturday, and sunday with mainly sunny
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3